Our mission here at Oculum Works is to use new media to connect our clients to customers they never thought they could reach, in distant locales or right next door. We seamlessly integrate 3D Virtual Tours and image processing with our clients existing marketing to increase the quality, utility, and reach of their online presence. We believe that the creative products we offer can be applied to a diverse range of businesses, providing experiences that draw in customers by taking them right to your location.




Here at Oculum Works we never compromise on quality or cut corners, no matter the scale of the venture. We pride ourselves on getting right to work and giving realistic schedules that meet our customers’ deadlines while ensuring a quality product is delivered every time.  By providing you with honest, regular communication throughout the entire project, we ensure that no detail is overlooked. As a result, you can expect premium customer service that will leave you completely satisfied with your experience.



Oculum Works recently did a 3D scan of our nearly 13,000 sf and 40 foot tall indoor rock climbing gym! It was a unique job, but Kurt did an incredible job of capturing every detail of our space and making it look crisp and clean. The quality was incredible and Kurt made it easy to imbed the virtual tour into our website and Facebook. He went above and beyond by providing tons of informational links into the tour itself. We could not be more thrilled with the service that Oculum Works provided. This tour really shows off our space and is one of our best marketing tools to draw in new customers. Super professional company!
— Audrey Pauls | Fitness & Recreation
Kurt completed a 3D scan on one of my listing a few weeks ago. It was something new to our area and I wasn’t sure how it really worked. Kurt was very informative on the process for me. He completed the scan and kept me updated during the process until it was completed and I had the links. Kurt is very professional and his customer service is above and beyond. I will continue to use him for this service and I have recommended him to others.
— Brian Bunch | Real Estate
Oculum Works was amazing to work with and exceeded my expectations. So glad I chose them to do the video walk through and floor plan on my vacation rental in Branson! Kurt thanks so much for all the work you did and would highly recommend Oculum Works. Thanks!
— Cindy Granneman | Vacation Rental
The photos they took for me for my lake listing are amazing and have generated so much more interest. I would definitely recommend Oculum.
— Lonetta Vialpando | Real Estate
I am an owner of Zenith Climbing Center. Oculum Works is amazing!! The technology is so cool! You can have entire 3D model of your work place with proper measurements. There are so many advantages to this. One being that it allows me to download it to my apple device and do walk throughs of our facility when we set up booths at events. We imported it to our website and it provides a walk through for any potential guests, plus allows us post information or videos in sections we want people see. I have already used it a few times for our videographers and photographers when we were preparing to shoot for an event and they didn’t even need to meet on site to see what areas we wanted covered. Kurt is awesome at what he does and works efficiently and does an extremely detailed job. I was so impressed with his work.
— Everett Pauls | Fitness & Recreation




3D Virtual Tours and Professional Photography are powerful tools for any business that manages, constructs, or evaluates real-world locations. Our products are ideal for marketing and brand-building, as well as boosting online presence. Below is a list of industries we serve:

  • Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Retail & Restaurants
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Travel & Vacation
  • Venues
  • Hospitality & Event
  • Fitness & Recreation
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Historical & Cultural Spaces
  • News & Entertainment
  • Civil Engineering

Don’t see your industry? No problem at all! Contact us so we can find a creative solution for your needs.